A Healthy Puppy is a Happy Puppy


1. Feed the puppy twice a day, allow the puppy to eat all it want. I feel if the puppy is leaving a small amount of food in the bowl it is getting enough to eat, pick up the bowl. Start out with 1 to 1 ½ cups a day and increase as the puppy gets older. If the food does not interest the puppy try mixing in a jar of chicken baby food , Mighty Dog Gourmet, or little champs ground chicken. If the puppy gets loose stooles add 100% pumpkin to the food. Just a spoonful right on top.

2. Always take the puppy out immediately after eating to potty.

3. Due to humidity and heat, PLEASE do not let your puppy outside by itself. The number one killer of bulldogs is heatstroke. These are inside pets.

4. If you have a pool, be extremely careful. Many people have lost their bullies in their pool. They are top heavy and sink.

5. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VETERINARIAN ADMINISTER BORDETELLA INJECTION OR NASAL UNTIL THE PUPPY IS 4-5 MO. OLD. Your puppy will come down with upper respiratory. If the puppy needs surgery such as spay/neutering , I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brimacomb of Lakeland Fl. (863) 644-6634 Not all Veterinarians can do surgery on bulldogs. If not residing in this area please contact me so I can help find a reliable bulldog veterinarian in your area.

6. Do not take your puppy to public places until it has received all vaccinations. I.e. PetSmart, Dog Park

7. Supplies to have on hand:

Lemon juice - breaks up phlegm if your dog has choked, vomited, or is overheated/

Mylanta - Gas / Bloat

Gas X - (gel caps) also for bloat

Benadryl - bee stings, antbites [liquid takes affect quicker, consult with your vet for dosage. Tablet

Or capsule is 1 mg per lb . So a 25lb puppy gets 1 tablet.]

12 cc Syringes - to administer Mylanta and Benadryl

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